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The Draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDPB) 2022, the EU-GDPR and several other Privacy regulations require you to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) – if you fulfill certain conditions.

While under GDPR – a DPO does not have to be a full-time role, and the Draft Indian DPDPB is yet to spell out the exact requirements for a DPO – it is specialist role that requires data protection expertise, and the DPO needs to be independent of the Information Security function to avoid any conflicts of interest. Having access to an experienced and knowledgeable outsourced DPO is a cost-effective solution for improving information security and compliance with data protection laws. Failing to protect personal data can not only lead to significant financial penalties from regulators, but also risks reputational damage to your organisation.

By following tested and established best practices, an outsourced DPO helps to protect the data your organisation processes on your customers, suppliers and employees keep your organisation informed and advised about data protection and where necessary, cooperate with regulators on your behalf.

We can assist in addressing the following needs:

A DPO or the person nominated to be responsible for data protection can help you:

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